domingo, 15 de enero de 2017


Skin:   -Vco-   Rose 001
Lips:   -Vco-   Lollipop Candy
Hair:   -Foxy-  Cattitude    --Hentai Fair--   (coming soon)   NEW
Collar:   -Dazed-    Cinnamon Collar Silver   NEW
Glasess:   -Abrasive-   Teddy Frames RARE   --Omg--   GACHA   NEW
Outfit:   -Altair-     shoujo academy Rare   --The Epiphany--   GACHA   NEW
Boots:   -N-Core-   Miau   --Hentai Fair--    (coming soon)   NEW

Kitty:   -Half Deer-    Kitty Galore {Set 3}
Dog:   -Half Deer-   Shiba Inu
Macarons:   -Half Deer-    Dream Buffet   GACHA
Cup:   -Half Deer-   Cutie Clutter - Spilled Mocha   GACHA
Bowl:   -Half Deer-   Cutie Clutter - Cereal Bowl (White)   GACHA
Bag:   -Tsg-   Delinquent - Booze Bag Pink   GACHA
Bat:   -Tsg-   Delinquent - Baseball Bat Kawaii   GACHA
Bear:   -Tsg-      Nurse Sugar - Sickly Beary   GACHA
Hamsters:   -MishMish-    Hammie & Liquid Soap / Bubbles   GACHA
Books:   -Pixel Geek-   Cutesy books
Sofa:   -Half Deer-    Cat Lady Sofa [Snow]

Pose:   -K&S-   Next to the wall   NEW

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  1. You took my 4700 L but didn't deliver the items. Please refund or make it right by sending what I paid for.

    Here's what I got: