lunes, 5 de diciembre de 2016


Head:   -Somemore-   SaeBom Mesh Head Rare  GACHA
Hair:   -Wasabi-   NEW
Eyes:   -Song-    Macy Browm   --The Crossoads--   
Earmuffs:   -Evie-    Wint White   --The Chapter Four--   GACHA   NEW
Outfit:   -Evie-   Wint Rare   --The Chapter Four--   GACHA   NEW
Creature:   -La Baguette-   Snow Baby Creature Rare   --Sanarae--   GACHA   NEW
Cloud:   -Cherry House-  Cloud Word    --Winter Solstice--   GACHA   NEW
Arc:   -Cherry House-  Cloud Word    --Winter Solstice--   GACHA   NEW
Tree:   -Cherry House-  Cloud Word    --Winter Solstice--   GACHA   NEW
Bears:   -Your Dreams-   Little Bears Christmas   GACHA   NEW

viernes, 2 de diciembre de 2016


Head:   -Somemore-    SaeBom Mesh Head  GACHA
Eyes:   -Song-   Macy Snow   --The Crossoads--    NEW
Hair:   -Pink Hustler-    8161   --Lost & Found--   NEW
Flowers:   -Naminoke-     AccessoriesGold
Flower Mouth  -Naminoke-   GIFT
Dress:   -Mignon-   -act cute!    --Kawaii Project--   GACHA   NEW
Boots:   -Vg-  Beige
Tattoo:    -Stardust-   White Tattoo   --The Chapter Four--   NEW

Sugar Mittens:   -Lost Junction-   Chilly Cheer GACHA   NEW
Tray-o-Plates:   -Just Junction-   Chilly Cheer    GACHA   NEW
Eiscuits Extras:   -Just Junction-   Chilly Cheer    GACHA   NEW
galletas boll:   -ImekaYummy winter    --The Arcade Gacha--   GACHA   NEW
Boll:   -Imeka-   Yummy winter   --The Arcade Gacha--   GACHA   NEW
Cup:   -ImekaYummy winter    --The Arcade Gacha--   GACHA   NEW
Boll cookies:   -ImekaYummy winter    --The Arcade Gacha--   GACHA   NEW
Bunnies:   -Half Deer-    Secret Garden Bunnies [Latte]  GACHA
Rindeer:   -Half Deer-  Fallow Deer  GACHA

jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016


Hair:   -Lcky-  Honey    --Prism Events Proudly--   NEW
Head:   -Somemore-   SaeBom Mesh Head  GACHA
Eyes:   -Song-   Hyun Black
Outfit:   -Belle Epoque-   Ainara Cape Brown & Shorts White    --Tres Chic Venue--   NEW
Boots:   -Vg-   Beige

Hause:   -Your Dreams-    Christmas at home Rare   GACHA  NEW
Chimney:   -Your Dreams-   Decorate your Christmas    --Lost & Found--   GACHA  NEW
 Reindeer Wood:   -Your Dreams-   Christmas at home  GACHA  NEW
Candles Wood:   -Your Dreams-    Decorate your Christmas   --Lost & Found--  GACHA  NEW
Rindeer:   -Half Deer-   Fallow Deer Coffee Walk    GACHA
Cups:   -Imeka-   Yummy winter    --The Arcade Gacha--  GACHA   NEW
Cake:   -Imeka-    Yummy winter Rare   --The Arcade Gacha--  GACHA   NEW
Sleigh:   -Your Dreams-   Christmas at home  Rare  GACHA  NEW
Snowman:   -Your Dreams-   Christmas at home   GACHA  NEW
Left tree:   -Your Dreams-   Christmas at home   GACHA NEW
Right tree:   -Your Dreams-    Decorate your Christmas   --Lost & Found--  GACHA  NEW
Herbs:   -Imeka-   Tree 01 {Color 3}   --Kawaii Project--   NEW
Tree Branch:   -Imeka-    Tree 01 {Color 3}   --Kawaii Project--   NEW

Pose:   -Bauhaus-  

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016


Hair:   -Love-   Pillow Talk   --Kawaii Project--    NEW
Skin:   -Vco-   Nini Skin Gacha {005} 2   GACHA
Lips:   -Vco-    Connie Tint Mesh Lip
EyePatch:   -Naminoke-   *N*Rose EyePatch   --Whimsical--     NEW
Birds:   -Anc-   forget. Swallow [sunyellow]   GACHA
Bubbles:   -Cubic Cherry-   {Amore} bubbles   --Whimsical--     NEW

sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2016


Head:   -Vco-    Elf Mesh Head [Elin] 013   GACHA
Hair:   -Imeka-   Mochi Hair    NEW  
Mask:   -Cubic Cherry-   Gasmask White   --Kawaii Project--    NEW
Dress:   -Axix-   : Juliette Dress    --The Project Se7en--    NEW
Flowers:   -Naminoke-   *N*Queen of the Night Eyepatch

Pose:   -La Baguette-    Await pose 2   --Sanarae--    NEW

jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2016


Skin:   -Pink Acid-    Necee  Butterscotch
Hair:   -Besom-   Solace
Eyes:   -Arise-   . Dia Eyes / Sky    
Lashes:   -Adored-    totes tubular lashes - pretty in pink   --Lost & Found--   NEW
Mark:   -Just Magnetized-    Visage Beauty Marks set 04
Mouth Chain:   -Axix-    Mouth Chain&Bells GIFT   --The Epiphany-- GIFT   NEW
Shirt:   -Evie-   Seelig Sweater    --The Forest--   NEW
Sports:   -2Real-   Glyderz
Pants:   -Evie-    Lazy Pants White   --Tres Chic Venue--    NEW
Headphone:   -Axix-   : RadioGirl KittyHeadphone RARE   --The Epiphany--  GACHA  NEW
Dog:   -Pink Acid-  Our Dear Ivy English Bulldog Male 04* 1  GACHA  NEW
Drink:   -Axix-   RadioGirl EnergyCan   --The Epiphany--  GACHA  NEW
Radio:   -Axix-    RadioGirl Radio Dreamer   --The Epiphany-- GACHA  NEW
Bunny:   -Axix-   Bunny Toy    --The Epiphany--   NEW
Bag:   -Tsg-   . Delinquent - Booze Bag Pink   GACHA
Bat:   -Tsg-   Delinquent - Baseball Bat Kawaii   GACHA
Fleming:   -Haikei-     Moon Drops 1  GACHA  GACHA
Store:   -Haikei-   Moon Drops RARE   GACHA

Pose:   -Label Motion-    Round Sofa

martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016


Head:   -Tsg-    Tsu Mesh Head A Tone
Eyes:   -Arise-   Dia Pink   --Anybody--    NEW
Hair:   -Lcky-    Nami   NEW
Collar:   -Quirky-   Bella Choker    NEW
Shirt:   -Quirky-   shirt - Colors    NEW
Pants:   -Ns-   Gypsy Bell Bottom Jean  NEW
Shoes:   -Tsg-    Candy Plats - WhitexPink
Bag1:   -Lovely Alien-   Teacup Purse   --Lost & Found--   NEW
Bag2:   -Istoria-  Clutch Bag-White    --Lost & Found--   NEW
Yoyo:   -Boomerang-   Yoyo Rare   --Lost & Found--   NEW
Puppy:   -Fawny-    My-little-puppy   GACHA
Bag Cat:   -MihsMish-   Kitties go to market  GACHA    
Chihuahua:   -Half Deer-  Attention Pls   GACHA
Birds:   -Half Deer-   Candy Chickadee Bird [Sugar]
Petals:   -Half Deer-    Sakura Petals [White Set]
Egg:   -Half Deer-     Egg of Jewels [Pastel Set]
Car:   -Bueno-   4x4 Rare

Pose:   -Label Motion-