jueves, 27 de abril de 2017


Hair:   -Ayashi-  Masami    --Kawaii Project-- 
Skin:   -More More-   hazy skin_milk (catwa)
Glasses:   -Mello-    Bookworm Glasses   --Kawaii Project-- 
Book & Pen:   -Cubic Cherry-    {School Time} set   --Kawaii Project-- 
Collar:   -Peaches-  Old Times Choker    --{Secret Hideout}--    Opening May 1st 2017!
Dress:   -Le Fil Casse-  Felicity Dress    --Bloom-- 
Bag:   -Darkendstare-   Bookbirbs Pink   --Kawaii Project-- 

Decor:   -CMYK-    Banila Sky    --Kawaii Project-- 
Shelving Banilasky 2
Board Banilasky 3
Pen Cube Banilasky 4
Drawings  Banilasky 5
Wall Ruler Banilasky 6
Carpet Banilasky 7

Decor2:   -Milo-   Live Laugh Love Office   --Kawaii Project-- 
 Stacked Boxes
 Notebook Rare

Decor3:   -Ahegao-    Fruit School Set   --Kawaii Project--
Banana Pencil Case
Fruit Shape Erasers
Lemon Notebook
My Sketchbook
Safety Scissors
Scented Pens
Strawberry Backpack Rare
Strawberry Notebook
Washi Tape

Window:   -Half Deer-   Faux Window Sunny Day Skie

Pose:   -La Baguette-   Maiy Poses   --Sanarae--  

miércoles, 26 de abril de 2017


Hair:   -Mello-  Anywhere
Skin:   -More More-    hazy skin_milk (catwa)
Ears & Bow:   -Aii-     BunBun Ears & Tail   --Lost & Found--   NEW
Collar:  -Violent Seduction-   Alita Collar   --Kustom9--   NEW
Bow Hair:   -Frou!-    Aristas Hair bow   --Sanarae--   NEW
Lollipop:   -Asteroidbox-    My Style Pink   GACHA
Body suit:   -Le Fil Casse-    Brigitte Bodysuit Rare  --The Epiphany--    GACHA   NEW

Bed:   -Half Deer-   Dreamrose Princess Bed [Vintage White - PG]  
Mini Piggy: -Half Deer- Dozing off, Cloudwatching, Nice2 meet u, Zoom zoom -The Arcade- GACHA 
Open Suitcase:   -Half Deer-    Open Suitcase Princess   --The Arcade--  
Donut:   -Half Deer-    Decadence mocha   --The Epiphany--   GACHA   NEW

Pose:   -K&S-   Only Girls   --{Secret Hideout}--    Opening May 1st 2017!

martes, 25 de abril de 2017


Skin:   -More More-    hazy skin_milk (catwa)
Hair:   -Exile-   Blown Away
Outfit:   -Una-  Sakura    --The Secret Hideout--  NEW
Dress Roses

Wings:   -Epic-    Sweet.Butterfly Bell.Wings! {White}   --Fantasy Faire--  NEW
Roses:   -Half Deer-    Rose Petals [Red Set]    --The Seasons Story--   NEW

lunes, 24 de abril de 2017


Hair:    -Mello-    Dark Heart  --Limit8--  NEW
Skin:    -More More-   hazy skin_milk (catwa)
Ears & Bow:   -Aii-   BunBun Ears & Tail   --Lost & Found--   NEW
Top:   -Vincue-    Chichi+Top  --Kustom9--   NEW
Shorts:   -Vincue-  Eerie Short
Sweets:   -Hazy-     I'm Sweet Choco & Stramberry Rare  --Sanarae--   GACHA  NEW

Desk Set:   -Moss&Mink-    Desk / Wall Shelf / Desk Chair   --Kawaii Project--   NEW
Drawers:   -Moss&Mink-    Tall Drawers
Beauty kit:   -Your Dreams-   Beauty kit Pink   GACHA
Makeups:   -Imeka-   Makeups    GACHA
Heart Box:   -Asteroidbox-    My Style Candy Pink & Yellow   GACHA
Donuts Bag:   -Hasteroidbox-   My Style Bag Donuts   GACHA
Makeup:   -Peaches-    Cesp Makeup   --The Epiphany--   GACHA  NEW
Bag Cat:   -Half Deer-    First Class Kitty - Carry-On - Snow Pale    GACHA
Sweet:   -Hazy-     I'm Sweet Mint  --Sanarae--   GACHA  NEW
Lugguage:   -Half Deer-    First Class Kitty - Luggage Ice Cream   GACHA
Donut:   -Half Deer-   Rainbow Sprinkles   --The Epiphany--   GACHA  NEW
Hearts:   -Half Deer-   Lovely Heart Garland
Window:   -Half Deer-   Faux Window Sunny Day Skie

domingo, 23 de abril de 2017


Hair:   -Nani-  Stefanie    --Bishbox--  NEW
Skin:   -More More-    hazy skin_milk (catwa)
Gum:   -Pink Fuel-   Yum Bublegumm
Dress & Collar:   -Dami-    Stay With Me 3 & 9   --Kawaii Project--   GACHA  NEW

Decor:   -Milo-   Live Laugh Love Office   --Kawaii Project--   GACHA  NEW
Drawer Desk Rare
Milo Book
Notebook Rare
Stacked Boxes

Notebook:   -Minimal-   Memories   GACHA
Picture:   -Minimal-   Memories   GACHA
Chair:   -Half Deer-     Coming up Roses - Chair [White]
Be Happy:   -Moss & Mink-   Heart Collection
Puppies:   -Fawny-    My-little-puppy   GACHA

Pose:   -Kirin-   Cutie Pie Pose 1  --Kustom9--    NEW

viernes, 21 de abril de 2017


Hair:   -Ayashi-   Sienna   --The Epiphany--   GACHA  NEW
Skin:   -More More-    hazy skin_milk (catwa)
Glasess:   -Tsg-   Shy Megane Pink

Accesories:   -Ersch-   Denim   --Limit8--   GACHA  NEW
Hairpin Rabit 03
Choker Bow 08
Cat Headband 11
Bow Headband 09

Top:   -Altair-   Gym Top Blue   GACHA

Shorts:   -Altair-    Gym Shorts Blue   GACHA

Books:   -La Baguette-   Books Pink   --Kawaii Project--    NEW
zorro:   -La Baguette-    Fennec Blossom ~ White   --Kawaii Project--    NEW
Crayons:   -La Baguette-   Animal Crayons   --Kawaii Project--    NEW
Bag:   -Supernatural-   Kyoko Pink Gold   --Kawaii Project--     NEW
Bag Apple:   -Imeka-   Bag Whit Apples
Bike:   -Bueno-   Bike -Pink   GACHA
Grass Flowers:   -Half Deer-    Star Creeper Moss [Light Green Set]   --Collabor88--   NEW
Scene:   -Rama-   selfie_RAMA Beach Cabana   GACHA

jueves, 20 de abril de 2017


Hair:   -Ayashi-   Deila   --Cosmetic Fair--   NEW
Skin:   -More More-   hazy skin_milk (catwa)
Mask:   -Peaches-   Cesp Sleep Mask lashes  --The Epiphany--   GACHA  NEW
Shirt:   -Peaches-  Cesp  Confy Sweats  --The Epiphany--   GACHA  NEW

Decor:   -Peaches-  Cesp    --The Epiphany--   GACHA  NEW
Blanket Fort Rare
Bunny Pluh
Karaoke Pink
Peachstation  Console
Spin the Dildo Pink
Video Games
Mash Sheets

Record Player :   -Asteroidbox-   Record Player Pink    --Draftsman--  NEW
Cups:   -MR-   Cat Mood Cups  --Kawaii Project--   GACHA  NEW

Pose:   -Fashiow-   Bed Time Chinchilla    --Bloom--   NEW