viernes, 12 de agosto de 2016


Hello everyone! I sadly report that close the blog forever. do not think my photos are very good, I wanted to be like my idols: marshdevil gabriella a person who really helped me answer my questions and to devote the time, Katarina chatnoir, snow chocobo among other great bloggers. I will never be as good as them, they are great !!!!my dream is to join the team of bloggers half deer with halogen magic, tsg with eilfie sugarolum, altair altair with rune, with shula aya sweet thing, mish mish with takaaki aime, VCO, sue crem and many others.but time and money to make nice post.
I dedicate this post to all designers an given me the opportunity to work with them and they gave me their trust.first to thank:
ASRALIA : is one of my best shops where I am as a blogger. will enter Astralia for me was a dream come true, I was given the opportunity to enter when you first had just returned from an absence and thank you so much trust in my work, is a great designer !!
ENFER SHADOW : also one of my best shops and miss another dream reality, I also appreciate that elijiera me a big store like enfer shadow of so many people that fill the application! has been very exciting to work with her and many aspects of my post are pretty thanks to their skins !!!
CUBIC CHERRY: I have worked with a long time since it was almost new blog. I love cubic cherry, his creations are always an kawaiis and I needed my blog
FOXVILLE kawaii also a shop with fox tails and ears, just say that I love your creations !!! they are great
MIGNON: clothing store that I like! Super kawaii and very sympathetic designer, when I left I readmitted to the group. I love the store !!! always would publish all of it!

ENVOGUE: spectacular shop hairs that fits all styles!
LA JOLIE ROSE: a store of great poses, all are difetentes to other stores, are stylish poses! very large designer

SUPERNATURAL: other stores that among very young my blog and also very grateful that I accept as soon on the computer, it has everything! clothes, very nice fittings, great shop !!
ARISE: I feel sorry for her, I always wanted to enter the group always forever, and now I'm inside I decide to leave :( Arise is the most beautiful store makeup, freckles, accessories and eyes !!!!

DIRTYSTORIES: also wanted to make the team a long time ago! It is a very nice store with accessories and some terrifying, great for all post, the post also kawai
RAZBERRY: is a very nice shop with very kawaiis things for children and also accessories I love to decorate is ideal!
ASTEROIDBOX: kawaii another store with accessories, all adorable and very nice for all the photos! is fantastic!!!
BABYDOLL: between this gupo since I created the blog, I always trust my work and I appreciate very much all this time and trust given to me to enter events !!! thank you so much !!!
CHERY HAUSE: although I was not a long time, your decorations are beautiful, thank you very much for having created the team of bloggers and let me !!
DICHOTOMY: shop very original hairs, also give thanks for letting me into your computer !!
IRRIES DOLLHAUSE ideal for bloogers scenery is gorgeous, thank you very much also for your apollo and tell me not to leave the blog, it is very important to me! thank you very much!
LECORDOR: in almost all my post to state the acceosorios of this shop, is spectacular, has everything, always surprises !! thank you very much!!!
NOCCIOLA: thanks for supporting me and tell me I have talent and tell me not to close the blog thank you very much! I love your creations are super kawaii and are valid for normal body kemono. I adore you! I always enchant your creations
NS: you say that thank you very much for letting me when I was in closed group, many post are pretty thanks to your creations, I thank you so much!
PARFAIR: kawaiis other wonderful shops to kemono! I love
SWEET ANGELS: also thank all the time you gave me as blogger
T&S: also thank you for being all this time on the computer!
TOUCHIC: although not a long time and state, to thank too!
MELONOPOLIS: I also love this store, all the accessories, I have no words is beautiful!
PIXELGEKK: all too precious for my post ideals! Thank you!!!
SONG: eyes kawaii shop that I like. I love!!
ANGELICA: too much thank the team accept their skins as a child, is a love!

CILA: you say cila? Aque day thank you send a request to me and told me to make an exception and accept myself, super happy with it, and always with you at all times, thanks for that day

NOMI: another of my favorite clothing stores kawaii I love and always nomi,  I LOVE

LUCKY: also my favorite store hairs, I love you all !!!!

all of them give thanks with CAPITALS !!!! And ask forgiveness for LEAVE THIS BLOG AND MAKE UGLY, but I do not see able to improve and I have time or diniero!
It's been a very nice experience !! without you my post are not what they are! thanks to you!
nani also mention that although not arrive in time to enter the blog, is that huviera accepted me, tell her that always loved me since I saw her and her hairs are the most beautiful and kawaii and never seen !!! you are so big!
Very large all but I can not!
and my fans thank you very much for following me all this time!I leave here
many kisses and ahugs !!!!

miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2016


Head:   -Utilizator-   M3 Mesh Anime Head
Body:   -Utilizator-    Kemono Body
Skin:   -Enfer sombre-   M3 head/Kemono body skin - Cho    --Manga fair--   NEW
Hair:   -Ayashi-   Sango
Lashes:   -Enfer sombre-   Tintable Lashes & Brows - Doty
Eyes:   -Enfer sombre-   Realistic Deer Nicol
Dress:   -Nocciola-   Hime Lolita-White/bue  
Sushicute:   -Cubic cherry-   Sushicute   --Bon voyage--   NEW

martes, 9 de agosto de 2016


Hair:   -Mello-   Ecchii pastel   --Manga fair--   NEW
Head:   -More more-  -Something-   SaeBom Mesh Head     GACHA
Headphones:   -Half deer-   Mewsical Headphones milk RARE   --Manga fair--    GACHA NEW
Eyes:   -Arise-   Lana Eyes / Pink   --Anybody--   NEW
Eyepach:   -Imeka-  Heart eyepatch    --Manga fair--   NEW
Collar:   -Shiro tsuki-    Crescent Chokers   --Manga fair--   NEW
Dress:   -Nocciola-  TulleDress -TinyFlowers    --Sanarae--   NEW
Pose camera:   -Half deer-   Say Cheese

lunes, 8 de agosto de 2016


Hair:   -Letituier-    Candy Hair   --Manga fair--   NEW
Skin:   -Vco-   Benny
Shape:   -Honey-    Chii Shape   --Manga fair--   NEW
Eyes:   -Arise-    Tired Eyes / Green  --Suicide dollz--   NEW
Eyeshadow:   -Arise-  Kelly Eyeshadow black   --Mesh body addicts--   NEW
Tatoo:   -Enfer sombre-   Fler Du Mal    --The chapter four--   NEW
Lips:   -Vco-   Pony's Cold Mesh Lip
Necklace:   -Babydoll-    Moon Choker pink   --Manga fair--   NEW
Piercing nose:   -Arise-    Nose Ring / Pink   --The thrift shp--   NEW
Jacket:   -Ns-   Tropical Bomber Hoodie Jacket   --The thrit shop--   NEW
Shorts:   -Tee-  Abbey High-Waist Used  Denim Shorts
Visor:   -Astralia-    Perfect trainer pink   --Manga fair--   GACHA NEW
Ball:   -Astralia-   Perfect trainer pink    --Manga fair--   GACHA NEW
Radar:   -Astralia-   Perfect trainer pink    --Manga fair--   GACHA NEW
Belt:   -Astralia-    Perfect trainer yellow  --Manga fair--   GACHA NEW
Bag:   -Astralia-    Perfect trainer cute Singer ULTRARARE  --Manga fair--   GACHA NEW
Shoes:   -Emporium-  Candy Boots    --Manga fair--    NEW
Dragons:   -Darkendstare-   Mini feather dragon RARE   --Manga fair--   GACHA NEW

Poses:   -Kiri-   FREE
Location:   -Happymood-  

viernes, 5 de agosto de 2016


Hair:   -Wasabi-   Tessa
Head:   -Tsg-   Tsu Mesh Head A Tone
Eyes:   -Mesange-   Sugar Doll Eyes 8    --Manga fair--   NEW
Outfit:   -Mignon-   sweet dreamy with hud ULTRARARE   --The chapter four--    GACHA NEW
Rollers:  -Astralia-  Cute rollers ULTRARARE   --The crossroads--    GACHA NEW

Bed:   -Foxville-   Pink bed RARE   --Manga fair--    GACHA NEW
Room:   -Foxville-   Kawaii room ULTRARARE   --Manga fair--    GACHA NEW
Shelf:   -Foxville-   Big Shelf   --Manga fair--    GACHA NEW
Hamsters:   -Mish Mish-   Hammie & Nail Polish / Hammie & Facial Mask   GACHA
Books:   -Foxville-   Magical girls books   --Manga fair--    GACHA NEW
Cat:   -Mih Mish-  Kitties go to market - I haz a shopping list   --The epiphany--    GACHA NEW
Unicorn:   -Mish Mish-   Baby Winged Unicorn - Pink

martes, 2 de agosto de 2016


Hair horns:   -Ayashi-   Albedo
Head:   -Offbeat-   Hannah Mesh Head   GACHA
Fairy:   -Epic-   Tragic end nom
Wings:   -Astralia-    Wisdom angel RARE  --The gacha garden--   GACHA   NEW
Bracelet:   -Astralia-    Wisdom angel pink  --The gacha garden--   GACHA   NEW
Nipple:   -Astralia-    Wisdom angel pink  --The gacha garden--   GACHA   NEW
Sceptre:   -Astralia-    Wisdom angel pink  --The gacha garden--   GACHA   NEW
Belt:   -Astralia-   Wisdom angel pink   --The gacha garden--   GACHA   NEW

lunes, 1 de agosto de 2016


Hair:   -Ayashi-   Saily
Head:   -Tsg-   Tsu Mesh Head A Tone
Eyes:   -Song-   Cia Blues   NEW
Ears:   -Cubic Cherry-   Catty Fox ears pink   --The gacha garden--   GACHA NEW
Tail:   -Cubic Cherry-  Catty Fox ninetailed Pastel RARE    --The gacha garden--  GACHA NEW
Dress:   -Mignon-   Magical lolita RARE     --Sanarae--  GACHA NEW
Shoes:   -Mignon-   Magical lolita RARE    --Sanarae--   GACHA NEW

Pose:   -Kirin-   GROUP GIFT
Bunnies:   -Half deer-    Secret Garden Bunnies [Latte]

Location:   -The trace-