jueves, 20 de octubre de 2016


Hair:   -Moon-   Hair Mask // - B&W - Element
Skin:   -Chouette-    Jade Skin
Teeth:   -Axix-   Creepy Teeth {FatPack}
Lipstick:   -Arise-    Jenn Lipstick / Red Set
Nails:   -Iaf-     Extra Long Metallic Nails
Blood Hands:   -Lapin-   Slink Sore
Crow:   -JubJubs-   Dead Center Watching Crows
Wings:   -Le Coq Dor-  Candlelight    --Bloody Horror Fair--   GACHA  NEW
Horns:   -Le Coq Dor-  Candlelight RARE    --Bloody Horror Fair--    GACHA  NEW
DRESS:   -Mignon-   -lunatic cross ULTRARARE   --Kawaii Project--   GACHA  NEW

martes, 18 de octubre de 2016


Head:   -Tsg-  Tsu Mesh Head A Tone
Skin:   -Enfer Sombre-   Skin Peach - Sakura
Hair:   -Atomic-    Harajuku Me // Bear - Electric   GACHA
Mause:   -.{PSYCHO:Byts}.-   Trapped mouse White
Outfit:   -Evie-   Jenny Outfit Pink  --Whore Couture Fair--   NEW
Cosplay:   -Tsg-    Neko Cosplay - Boots   GACHA
Bowl:   -Half Deer-   Cutie Clutter - Cereal Bowl (White)   --The Arcade--   GACHA  NEW
Cup:   -Half Deer-    Cutie Clutter - Spilled Mocha   --The Arcade--   GACHA  NEW
Cat:   -Hlaf Deer-   Kitty Galore {Set 3}
Bed:   -Altair-    cuddly bed .black+pink.   --The Epiphany--     GACHA  NEW

lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016


Head:   -Vco-    Milli Head [Mesh - Rigged] 007   GACHA  NEW
Hair:   -Truth-  Satyra   NEW   
Sweater:   -Mignon-   -Usachan Picnic RARE   --The Seasons Story--    GACHA  NEW
Umbrella:   -Ns-    Just Playing in the Rain Mouse   GACHA  NEW
Puppies:   -Fawny-   My-little-puppy   GACHA
Cat:   -MishMish-   Kitties go to market   GACHA
 Butterflies:   -Anc-   Swallow Tailed Butterfly Emerald   GACHA

Location:   -9 Slow-    

viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016


Hair:   -Blues-   Celeste
Head:   -Vco-   Elf Mesh Head [Elin] 013   GACHA
Headband:   -Inia-  This is Halloween Headband Pink    GACHA   NEW
Peto:   -Mignon-   Autumoon RARE   --Moon--   GACHA   NEW

macarrons:   -Half Deer-    Macaron Dream Buffet Group of Macarons   GACHA
Sheep:    -Half Deer-    Kerfluffle Sheep - Powder Blue   GACHA
Cups Kitty:   -Razzberry-   Teacup Kitties   GACHA
Books:   -Pixel Geek-   Cutesy books
Macarron:   -Half DeerMacaron Dream Buffet   GACHA
Bunnie:   -Tsg-   Lop Ear Bunnies - Lavendar 7   GACHA
Companion:   -Inia-   his is Halloween  -Pumkin Companion- RARE   GACHA   NEW

miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016


Hair:   -Ayashi-    Sona hair
Skin:   -Chouette-     Jade Skin
Ears:   -Cureless-  Akiba Cafe / Neko Ears Light / RARE    GACHA
Eyes:   -Song-    Kia Eyes
Teeth:   -Axix-    Creepy Teeth {FatPack}
Dress:   -Mignon-    -little doll cafe RARE    GACHA
Collar:   -Altair-   Master's pet - magenta collar   GACHA

Box:   -Sweet Thing-     Puppy Box  GACHA
Table:   -Half Deer-    Coming up Roses - Desk/Vanity [White]
Chair:   -Half Deer-    Coming up Roses - Chair [White]
Mirror:   -{BunBun}-   Sugar Sweet - White Bunny Mirror   GACHA
Computers:   -Dust Bunny-    cat computers . boxed . rezz & touch
Stringlights :   -Half Deer-    Kitty Stringlights [Brown Ears]   [White]
Dog:   -Half Deer-    Shiba Inu   GACHA
Cake:   -Half Deer-   Purrfect Patisserie   GACHA

lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016


Head:   -More More-  -Something-       SaeBom Mesh Head  GACHA
Hair:   -Taketomi-   _Kina_II_Blondes
Headphones:   -Half Deer-   Mewsical Headphones milk RARE   GACHA
Jacket:   -Ns-    Tropical Bomber Hoodie Jacket
Pants:   -Ns-   Mesh Skinny Jeans with belt
Sports:    -Ns-    Sweet Treats Canvas   NEW
Kittie:   -Atlair-     cat plushie .white.
Shoppingcart:   -Dami-   All Mine Shoppingcart 1   --Tcf- GACHA
Puppies:   -Fawny-    My-little-puppy   GACHA
Cat:   -Sweet Thing-    Kitties go to market   GACHA
Go To Market:   -Sweet Thing-       Kitties go to market - I haz a shopping list   GACHA
Sushi:   -Cubic Cherry-    Sushicute
Balloons:   -Half Deer-    Fairylight Balloons [Pastel Set]
Pet:   -MishMish-    Bunny Fluffz - Candy   --The Arcade--     GACHA  NEW
Magazines:   -Foxville-    Sticky Magazines RARE   GACHA

sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016


Hair:   -Spellbound-   Hallows
Skin:   -Vco-   Benny
Mouth:   -Vco-   Berry Pink Mesh lip
Glasses:   -Tsg-   Shy Megane - Pink
Necklace:   -Altair-   daydream necklace .pink.
Uniform:   -Tsg-   Nurse Sugar - Uniform White   --The Arcade--   GACHA   NEW
Bows:   -Muka-   Burlesque Bow

Table:   -Sweet Thing-   Chaton Patisserie Small Counter   --The Arcade--    GACHA   NEW
Curtains:   -Hlaf Deer-   Fairy Curtains [White Set]
window:   -Hlaf Deer-    Faux Window [Sunny Day]
Bed Cat:   -Hlaf Deer-    Cat Clutter II [Pink]
kittie:   -Half Deer-    Kitty Galore {Set 3}
Medic:   -Tsg-   Nurse Sugar - Medic Kit   --The Arcade--   GACHA   NEW
Syringe:   -Tsg-   Nurse Sugar - Syringe   --The Arcade--   GACHA   NEW
Cat:   -Sweet Thing-    Kitties go to market - I haz a shopping list   GACHA
Bear:   -Tsg-   Nurse Sugar - Sickly Beary   --The Arcade--    GACHA   NEW
Computer:   -Dust Bunny-    cat computers . boxed . rezz & touch

Pose:   -Kirin-