martes, 22 de noviembre de 2016


Head:   -Tsg-    Tsu Mesh Head A Tone
Eyes:   -Arise-   Dia Pink   --Anybody--    NEW
Hair:   -Lcky-    Nami   NEW
Collar:   -Quirky-   Bella Choker    NEW
Shirt:   -Quirky-   shirt - Colors    NEW
Pants:   -Ns-   Gypsy Bell Bottom Jean  NEW
Shoes:   -Tsg-    Candy Plats - WhitexPink
Bag1:   -Lovely Alien-   Teacup Purse   --Lost & Found--   NEW
Bag2:   -Istoria-  Clutch Bag-White    --Lost & Found--   NEW
Yoyo:   -Boomerang-   Yoyo Rare   --Lost & Found--   NEW
Puppy:   -Fawny-    My-little-puppy   GACHA
Bag Cat:   -MihsMish-   Kitties go to market  GACHA    
Chihuahua:   -Half Deer-  Attention Pls   GACHA
Birds:   -Half Deer-   Candy Chickadee Bird [Sugar]
Petals:   -Half Deer-    Sakura Petals [White Set]
Egg:   -Half Deer-     Egg of Jewels [Pastel Set]
Car:   -Bueno-   4x4 Rare

Pose:   -Label Motion-  

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