lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016


Head:   -Vco-    Milli Head [Mesh - Rigged] 007   GACHA  NEW
Hair:   -Truth-  Satyra   NEW   
Sweater:   -Mignon-   -Usachan Picnic RARE   --The Seasons Story--    GACHA  NEW
Umbrella:   -Ns-    Just Playing in the Rain Mouse   GACHA  NEW
Puppies:   -Fawny-   My-little-puppy   GACHA
Cat:   -MishMish-   Kitties go to market   GACHA
 Butterflies:   -Anc-   Swallow Tailed Butterfly Emerald   GACHA

Location:   -9 Slow-    

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