sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015


SKIN:   -BIRDY-    Maisie Skin VIP gift <3   GROUP GIFT
HAIR:   -SPLLBOUND-    Toothbrush
NECKLACE 1:   -ZENITH-   High Elf Lace Collar   GROUP GIFT
NECKLACE 2:   -ZENITH-    Ribbon Necklace   GROUP GIFT
GOAT:   -ZENITH-   Year of the Goat  Doll  GROUP GIFT
FACIAL TATTOO:   -IDIOT-   Atlan Face Tattoo   NEW
TATTOO:   -E.VARY-   Tatto Marip Flor LT   NEW
TOP:   -TWISTED GLAM-   Cropped Top   NEW
PANTS:   -STELLOANE-   Vanity fair exclusives    -VANITY FAIR-   NEW

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